Mostly Harmless: What do you expect from the performance tonight?

Joakim Berg: I saw some photos last night from yesterday and it looks awesome. I mean a lot of people. I hope its gone be good.


Mostly Harmless:  What is the difference between your German fans and other fans?

Joakim Berg: ähhh, the funny thing is that I mean for a long-time struggle in Germany to make some ground. To get the fans of our side. But the last 5 or 6 years the Germany fans haven’t losing up. They take us to their hearts and that is good. I hope they make it this evening as well.


Mostly Harmless: What was the craziest thing a fan did for you?

Joakim Berg: I don’t know. Wait there was a wired thing once. This woman came up to me and said: “I´m serious can you be the father of my child?”. Me: “No, thanks.”


Mostly Harmless:  How do you decide what finally ends up on the Sedlist?

Joakim Berg: It dispense, if we get our guitars tonight. You know right now there are at the airport

Mostly Harmless:  Right now you don’t know what you are playing in an hour?

Joakim Berg: We don’t know at all. It’s gone be interesting.

Mostly Harmless:  What are you doing, when your guitars are not delivered from the airport in time?

Joakim Berg: We play air-guitar. *laughing*


Mostly Harmless:  In 2015, you released your last album. What are you planning for 2018 or 2017?

Joakim Berg: The songs for our new album are already. We start recording in July or august this year.


Mostly Harmless: To have you as an enemy is bad because……...?

Joakim Berg: ähhhhhh. I would never stop talking.


Mostly Harmless: At the end of our quick interview, the last words belong to you.

Joakim Berg: We are happy to have fans all over the world how supporting us, buying our records and comes to the show. Big thanks for that.