Mostly Harmless: Hi, are you ready for tonight?

 Johnny: No, not yet.


Mostly Harmless: Why not?

 Johnny: There are three places for a man where you must get ready. The mind, the voice and the balls. Secret for a good relationship: Full stomach and empty balls. It´s so simple.


Mostly Harmless: This is what you are doing before you go on stage. Empty your balls?

Johnny: No, not really.


Mostly Harmless: This is your first gig on a festival this year. What do you like more, festival or club?

Johnny: I think the festivals are more spontaneous. You never know what’s gone happen. We don’t have all the time, which we normally have for a show, it can be very interesting. I must say the festivals.


Mostly Harmless: When you are on stage and there all your fans. Did you see them or are there just people with “no faces”?

 Johnny: It dispense how big it is. Especially at night time when the lights are on, we don’t see anyone. We see a couple rows in the front and that’s it. The lights are so bright. That’s the reason why playing in the afternoon at a festival is cool, because we can see them.


Mostly Harmless: Do you like it more playing in the afternoon and seeing people?

Johnny: Yes, I really like to see the people.


Mostly Harmless: A few weeks ago, you had your first video shoot for the song “Love´s Holding on”. How was it?

Johnny: It was very cool. Bonnie is a great girl, a great lady. It was easy.


Mostly Harmless: Nothing unforeseen happens?

Johnny:  No, we are almost knowing what we are doing. No funny surprises.

Mostly Harmless: mmmmmm!!


Mostly Harmless: How is the typical process for a song? From the inspiration until the song is ready?

Johnny: Axel writes the songs. He is the mine writer. Then he comes to me and we work together on the melody and make a full song out of it.  We all work together but he is the head of.


Mostly Harmless: You been in the music business very long. Is there anything that can surprise you?

Johnny: No, there is nothing that can surprise me. No. Seen it all, heard it all.


Mostly Harmless: What kind of music or bands had influenced you?

Johnny: Old school guys. Everything from Kiss, Iran Maiden, Van Halen, Scorpions. That was my time, growing up and learning about music and be a Rockstar. All these guys. Freddy Mercury.


Mostly Harmless: Have you seen any of those live?

Johnny: Yes. I also played with a bunch of them.

Mostly Harmless: Cool.

Johnny: Yes, I had a diner with Scorpions. And you sit there and you think: „Wait a minute, what is happing right in these moment “. Sharing bread with Klaus. That’s great.


Mostly Harmless: Where can your fans see you with Axel Rudi Pell in 2017?

Johnny: We have just two more shows after that one and then we are done until the next album.


Mostly Harmless: When your next album will appear?

Johnny: ähhhhhhhh, end of 2018 I think. We take a little break.


Mostly Harmless: This is the end of your interview and as always at this point the last words belong to you.

Johnny: I have so wonderful fans. My fans are the best fans in these freaking worlds. I always say that and I repeat myself a lot, but it’s true. That without the fans there is no music. But without the fans I am nothing just a voice in the air. So, I love all the people how support music and support me.