Mostly Harmless: Hello Micky, thanks for taking the time for an interview with us.
Micky: My pleasure!


Mostly Harmless: You have released your second album in spring this year. How would you describe the album?
Micky: I would describe it as a modern and alternative take on the so called ‘’gothic metal’’. It’s always hard to describe things with labels but sometimes you have to.
But besides that I think that this album sounds more mature compared to our first album and that’s because we ourselves matured as people and musicians.


Mostly Harmless: What is your expectation for your new album?
Micky: I hope that we can show the world that we’re ready for the next step in our music career. Do bigger shows, go on tour again and all that good stuff!

Mostly Harmless: Is a thread going through the disc or does each song have its own story?
Micky: Each song definitely has it’s own story, however the subjects are very related. It all revolves around personal struggles with life and everything that comes with it.

Mostly Harmless: The cover is very artistically chosen. Are you doing these things all together or who has what tasks?
Micky: I am definitely the one in charge of all the visual aspects of the band. I’m quite the control freak when it comes to that! Everything has to be perfect.
Everyone has their strengths and we try to keep that in mind with every task that needs to be done. So Armen is very organized and practical for example. So he does our finances. And I take care of artwork, photo/videoshoots and merchandise.

Mostly Harmless: Why do you think you compare with bands like Evanescence or Within Temptation?
Micky: I think that’s because I have always been very influenced by these bands. They were the first metal/alternative bands that I was a huge fan of. Especially Evanescence.
But it also has its disadvantages. For example, people have always compared my voice with Amy’s. Which is a huge compliment of course, but now that I try to create my own sound it annoys me sometimes. And I don’t really hear the similarities actually.

Mostly Harmless: What are your favorite bands / artists?
Micky: This always changes but right now I’m really into Opeth, Lana Del Rey, Jeff Buckley, Oathbreaker, Mariah Carey and Corpo Mente. Now that I’m writing down these artists I realize that this is a very odd combination of genres haha.

Mostly Harmless: You made a video for your song "Until you break". What funny stories happened at the video rotation (accidents, breakdowns, funny situations)?
Micky: Well we wanted to do some slow-motion shots, so we had to perform with twice the speed which was absolutely impossible and hilarious. You can see shots of it in our ‘’making of’’ video.

Mostly Harmless: You are playing only one concert in Germany this year. Are there plans for 2018 in Germany, if so where & when?
Micky: Not yet but I hope we’re going to a lot of different countries soon because the tours that we did were amazing and I miss being on the road.

Mostly Harmless: You're the only woman in the band, which
advantages has this for you?
Micky: I don’t think I have advantages for being a woman in the band but I certainly think I have advantages being the singer. The only think I need to carry on and off stage is my microphone.

Mostly Harmless: What would you say is the biggest difference between the private Micky and the Micky on stage?
Micky: I think ‘’stage-Micky’’ has magnified traits of my daily self. I can show off all my talents and most interesting traits, which quite addictive. For instance, I like to dress up and create a glamorous make up look but unfortunately that’s not something I can do every day.
But the biggest difference I would say is that I have to be an entertainer on stage but in real life I’m actually a more relaxed and quiet person.

Mostly Harmless: The last words of the interview are yours for your fans, we already say thank you.

Micky: Thank you for your continuing support and I hope we can go to a lot of different countries and cities to meet you all! Thanks for having me.