Mostly Harmless: The new album was released in March this year. What is the difference between the last album and this one?

Xen Ritter (Guitar): "Game On" (2017) and "Divide and Rule" (2015) are two opposite edges of thrash metal. During these two years Pokerface made the journey any typical thrash metal band makes within 20 years. But I can't say that the new album is better or worse - they are different conceptually, almost from two different genres.

"Divide..." is loved by fans of an old-school thrash metal sound, it is raw, simple and calls for 80's. If you are dreaming of that golden age of thrash, you will like it. "Game On" has very qualitative sound and its songs are more interesting musically. Every riff and every vocal line are going through in details, so that the album sounds more professional. But "Game On" has also beloved aggressive and fast thrashy guitars, crazy extreme female vocs and machine-gun drums.


Mostly Harmless: How was your promotion tour for your album “Game On”?

LadyOwl (Vocal): It was good! Very difficult and simple at the same time. Members of all bands got sick and that was a challenge for each of us, but we got that. Anyway, it was a very beautiful experience, we met a lot of nice different people, we had an amazing supporting line up which we will never forget. Also, we were overwhelmed by the audience. New day - new city or a new country and indescribably beautiful places. I wish every musician to have an experience like this even once in a lifetime.

Murderface (Bass): The tour was great! It was the longest adventure in our band's history. We've played almost 30 shows day-by-day. 14,000 km were left behind, a new city every day. We gained a lot of experience: how to be on the road, tips and tricks how to make the travel more comfortable for band members. And the crowd, of course, which meets us very good.


Mostly Harmless: How would you describe your stage performance?

LadyOwl: We have only us on the stage. Only our souls and personalities with whom you can have a contact during the performance. And I prefer to spread my pure passion while I'm singing. I use not only my voice, but my body, my feelings also, interesting (in my opinion) suits and images, I try to speak with people more and keep an eye contact.

Xen Ritter: Pokerface has no special performance with pig heads or skulls and shit like that. The music is simple, crazy, crushing and honest - so we must match it. The band calls to honesty, we just come on stage and simply burn it out.


Mostly Harmless: Have you scheduled a tour for next year?

Murderface: We are working on a new tour very hard. Stay tuned on our FB page - - for the most recent information!


Mostly Harmless: What are your plans for 2018?

Murderface: We plan to make 1 to 2 tours in Europe and maybe to perform in some open airs. Also, we are going to start recording a new album. We already have the title :)


Mostly Harmless: How big are you in Russia?

Xen Ritter: Everyone here knows Pokerface, but not all of them love us. I don't think gigs in Russia will ever be for us in priority to western countries. It's all about our Russian mentality. People here are used to see a good-quality product from Europe or USA and a second-rate stuff made in Russia. And, people here have seen too many non-professional Russian bands in their life, when the metal scene here was just forming. So, no matter what we do, we are a piece of shit for them.

 LadyOwl: I agree mostly, but this is specially for Moscow, people in Russia have no idea, what "Promo-slot" is. And all of them are annoyed by Russian supporting bands before... I don't know... Kreator, for example, but this year the situation has really changed for us, I guess. We had successful shows in Russia with Holy Moses in Moscow or with Nervosa in Bryansk as an option, and the most important thing - we had few solo concerts in different areas of Russia and had a blast! There is no plan to try to "break the wall" here in our country, this is not in priority as Xen said, I just noticed positive sides :) 


Mostly Harmless: What alcoholic beverage did you drink when you got drunk for the first time?

Xen Ritter: Hm, I remember, my granny gave me a glass of beer when I was 5 or 6. What happened then, I can't remember...


Mostly Harmless: What was your first job?

Murderface: My very first job was IT Administrator :)

LadyOwl: I was singing in a restaurant when I was 15 or 16 years old.


Mostly Harmless: Before we wrap up, is there anything you would like to say?

LadyOwl: Check out our new album "Game On" and hope to see you on the road! 

Xen Ritter: Keep true and come to metal shows. 'Cause it's the best way to meet soulmates, grab some beer and listen to new good music. Thank you for the interview!