Mostly Harmless: Hello, how are you?

Geoff:   Fine!


Mostly Harmless: Jaya the cat was founded in the US in 98. There was a bit of a slowdown in success, what do you think is the reason you're more successful in Europe?

Geoff:There wasn’t really a slowdown we just up and left. If we played there we’d do fine I guess, or at least hope so, I think we do well here cause we’re visible, we play lots and our labels are from here.


Mostly Harmless: What is in your opinion the biggest difference between the US and Europe?

Geoff:I dunno, I like that festivals tend to have a broader scope of music, festivals in the US tend to focus on one gernre. I think maybe people are more open minded about not just being into one thing here.


Mostly Harmless:  In 2017, your new album came out of the market after 5 years without one. Long break between the albums, what was the reason?

Geoff:We’re lazy. Also we had a few changes in lineup and people were having kids and shit so you know.


Mostly Harmless: What's special about the new disc?

Geoff: Haha I dunno. I guess it’s a bit different than the others but they all are. They reflect a space in time in our lives.


Mostly Harmless: Right know you are on tour until the end of March, how are you preparing for a show?

Geoff:  (you can change this to april or may if ya want cause you’re getting it so late sorry) We don’t do much in the way or preperation really. We just get in the bus and go.


Mostly Harmless: When you come home after a tour, what is the first you do?

Geoff: Get in the tub with a glass of wine. Then  cook for three days straight in my pajamas.


Mostly Harmless: What's next in 2018?

Geoff: Just tons of touring, summer festivals, all that!


Mostly Harmless: The music business is not easy, what would you advise young musicians?

Geoff: If it’s what you want, keep at it. You are the music business. You are part of it just being in a band so make it yours, keep it up and if it makes you happy then you’re gold.


Mostly Harmless: Thx, for your time. Do you have something to say to our readers maybe?

Geoff: Yeah! Hope to see you at a show sometime! Cheers!