Mostly Harmless: Hello, how´s it going in the US?

Pär: It’s been going great. 4 weeks done and only 2 lefts. Gonne miss touring since its gonna take a while before we head out again.


Mostly Harmless: What is the biggest difference between your home country Sweden and the US - except the prices for the alcohol?

Pär: Since we don’t drink that much the prices on alcohol is not a huge thing. But touring here is fun. One big difference from doing EU is that we are weeks on tour and still in the same country vs in Europe we change country almost every day with all that comes with that, languages and cultures.

Normally we have always toured in spring or autumn or even summer, this time it was winter with the challenges it provided.

For example, it is not ideal to push our production through snow covered alleys.


Mostly Harmless: What do you do when you're not on stage with Sabaton?

Pär: I do other stuff for the band, like answering this interview. Designing stuff and running day to day business for the band.


Mostly Harmless: Are there any plans for Germany in 2018?

Pär: Actually none. We have been a lot in Germany last years and we need to focus less on shows and more on writing songs for a little while.


Mostly Harmless: When you're not on stage for Sabaton or recording an album. Which projects are you following?

Pär: Since I am in charge of the bands management there are lot of projects going on. From finding partners for the band, doing marketing strategies, building plans with labels and distributors. And I do a few interviews, for The Last Stand I have personally done over 400 interviews. A big project at the moment is the cooperation with the computer game World of Tanks. Its very exciting and fits perfect.


Mostly Harmless: You recently posted your new video. Do you think it's still important to make music videos or is it "just" a nice to have?

Pär: Internet is full of fan videos made for free and it works sometimes better than official one. For some marketing reasons an official video is good. There are a few TV stations still in the world. And VJ´s who play videos in clubs and bars.


Mostly Harmless: Do you find the social media like Facebook are more a blessing or a curse to a band?

Pär: Since I was always into computers, technology and such I embrace it. It kind of levels the competition a bit. Once you could only be big in music if you had the power of a strong label behind you, a hit song and maybe a bit of luck. Now its back to hard work.


Mostly Harmless: What do you think has changed with this kind of media in the metal scene?

Pär: A lot has changed. People who wanna be thinking like its 1990 can forget it.


Mostly Harmless: It's not that long ago. How did you spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve?

Pär: I spent Xmas with my parents in Sweden. New Year I spent with our production manager working for the current US tour.


Mostly Harmless: Now I can only say one more thing, thank you for the interview.

Pär: Thank you too!