Mostly Harmless: You founded in 1982 - in all these years you have had positive and negative experiences. Is there something you especially remember?

Skinners: At the beginning of the 80s there were only a few Heavy Metal Bands in Italy, that’s why we felt like pioneers driven by passion, by the desire to play together and to share feelings with our fans. Nowadays it’s easier to become visible, the technical level of the musicians is very high thanks to technology and the network. There are a lot of good metal bands, but at the same time there is also too much Junk.

I can tell you that we learned so much from all the bands we shared the stage with!!!


Mostly Harmless: You released your new album “temptation” a few months ago. Is it still something special and exciting for you to produce a new album or a kind of "everyday life"?

Skinners:For us our music is the lifeblood and our productions are like another child in the family.


Mostly Harmless:  What can you tell us about “temptation”?

Skinners: TEMPTATION isn´t a real concept album; the songs talk about current themes. They speak about good and evil and precisely of humanity temptations. Sounds modern and old-school at the same time - but we used more current sonorities than in our old releases willing to maintain the Trademark SKANNERS!


Mostly Harmless:  Have you ever thought about it to release an album with Italian vocals?

Skinners: No.

Mostly Harmless: Do you have any rituals in the production of a record? Drinking beer before starting or something?

Skinners: No.


Mostly Harmless: Do you think the discipline for writing is very important? What role does diligence play for you?

Skinners: It’s very important but not essential or indispensable. Infact our composition process is very simple – The main roles are guitars and vocals - normally we start with some guitars riff or with vocal improvisations. When we get good vibrations, we start all together to compose and arrange the song. We try to play it in different ways and mood and when everything sounds good, we got it!


Mostly Harmless: Social media in terms of record promotion and sale - curse or blessing and why?

Skinners: Both Things…. Social media for the visibility and promotion are potentially excellent and everyone can use it. At the same time, they are a source of confusion and excess of data…. and this is negative for record sales.


Mostly Harmless: When can your fans see you live? I haven´t found a tour to the new record or any concerts.

Skinners: We had also two important concerts on July 12th IN FLAMMEN FESTIVAL in Torgau (D) with ENFORCER – PESTILENCE and many others…...and on August 4th METAL FOR EMERGENCY FESTIVAL in Bergamo (I) with ANTHRAX…

Then we have right now a little tour in Russia as support to DORO on September 6th St. Petersburg and on September 8th Moscow then we are planning the TEMPTATION tour.


Mostly Harmless: 2019 is almost over. What's up with you in 2020? Are there any plans?

Skinners: We are currently making an official video from TEMPTATION Album.

We are planning the TEMPTATION tour 2020!!


Mostly Harmless: You´re one of the most famous bands of Italy. Can you still move freely or are you constantly being recognized? If someone recognizes you, how do you handle it?

Skinners:First we aren’t so recognized…. :-) and when someone recognizes us, we are happy, and we spend a bit of time with them.


Mostly Harmless: What do you do when you need a break from the music?

Skinners: Each of us has different ways of disconnecting from the music - walking in the mountains - riding a bicycle – go fishing - the most common things to relax!!!


Mostly Harmless: We thank you for the interview and your time. Please continue with the music for the next 40 years.

Skinners: Thank you very much !!!!We will do it!!!!!